I work between conceptual and practical, experimenting with materials and ideas and the interplay between.

Recently I have used light, shadows, puppets and film to explore the significance of the screen: a transformative object, a barely separating mesh, a fine membrane between realities, a medium for hallucinations. My intention is to unsettle the viewer a little, to create a slight sense of unease and provoke some questions.

I use humble, found domestic materials such as wood, brick, paper, glass to build structures and installations, probably recreating the comfort and play of childhood dens. The home is important to me and more so as I age. I feel a sense of gathering things around me. I build structures that reference shelters and boxes and theatres.

My film work involves puppetry, figures and obfuscating screens to tell little stories or to ask questions and challenge assumptions.

I project the films onto and into the structures; sometimes I perform with the structures; we work in collaboration.

I make new work from the remains of previous pieces; I am interested in how a piece of work will no longer exist as it did but may live on through another or as a recording or some other documented form: a series of iterations.